Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have a Complaint

Ok, so I almost karate kicked someone in the head today...
Let me back it up and tell you why....
I HATE living in an apartment. They are a rip off, and they make me depressed. First of all, as the months have gone by I have noticed these stains coming out of my carpet. I don't know what they are or where they are coming from, but they are these mysterious big black stains...It literally makes me want to kill myself. I am a person that has recently (in the last few years) become sort of a clean freak...so these stains are killing me, no matter what I do, they will not go away.
One day I opened my refrigerator, and the bar keeping the condiments safe on the side door shelf just broke and all the condiments fell out (and of course broke) all over the kitchen.
My husband went to get a towel off the towel rack in the bathroom and the whole rack broke from the wall.
The guest bathroom sink leaks from time to time with no warning and water floods the bathroom.
And to top it all off.....The kitchen sink disposal broke and the sink will not drain. We cant even use the dishwasher!!!! I have plates piled up everywhere and I am about to have a heart attack.
And what do the awesome apartment managers say to us..."we had a lot of issues come up this weekend and can't get to yours now, you will have to wait." I want to punch someone in the eye I am so annoyed.
The worse part is, this is a nice apartment building that is costing us an arm and a leg. These things should not be happening. Why is it that these places can pretend to put nice products in their buildings and then the second you move in (after you were dazzled with the stainless steal refrigerator) everything goes to hell in a hand basket. I mean really, its pretty ridiculous.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Blues

I'm sorry, but I am getting a little sick (well, actually jealous) of all you out there that are talking about how great fall is and how you love to see the leaves turn beautiful colors, blah, blah, blah!!!!

For all of you out there (Southern California, Nevada, and my birthplace Arizona) you understand what I'm saying when I say, it's not fair that we don't get to partake in the wonders of seasons....I mean, trust me, I fake it as much as I can...I bake pies, drink apple cider, and adorn as many scarves as I can (paired with t-shirts and tank tops, but I still wear them), but we go from Hot ass weather to (in my opinion) freezing weather without any preparation.

Don't get me wrong, I am certainly not jealous of those who live in the East or Midwest. If I had to live there I would not be able to handle the snow. I lived in Colorado for 6 months and almost lost my mind because of the snow. My dogs wouldn't go to the bathroom cause they were freezing so there were a lot of accidents in the house, Denver didn't think it was necessary to plow the streets (thanks to them I almost died 5 times), and I am a desert rat, so I just didn't have the tolerance for the freezing cold.

Growing up in Arizona, this was our fall...

This is what it looks like all year round, beautiful, but can get a bit boring...
I know I shouldn't complain, but I'm getting sick of summer fashion and all the stores are out with fall, but I sadly can't wear any of it yet. Ho hum!

New Book, New Attitude

So, this weekend was pretty uneventful. I did a little shopping and a little baking. My husband and I went to an Excellent movie Saturday night. It was Miracle at St. Anna...Here is the description from Fandango...

The story of four black American soldiers who are members of the US Army as part of the all-black 92nd “Buffalo Soldier” Division stationed in Tuscany, Italy during World War II. They experience the tragedy and triumph of the war as they find themselves trapped behind enemy lines and separated from their unit after one of them risks his life to save an Italian boy.
Anyway, this was such a good movie...I definitely recommend it...I don't watch movies that have potential of making me cry, well, this one snuck by me and I cried like a friggin baby!
Anyway, I found a new book at B&N this weekend and it's a pretty good one. For all you runners out there, you know how it's hard sometimes to balance good nutrition and good workouts. Well, I am reading Fast Track: Training and Nutrition Secrets from America's Top Female Runner, by Suzy Favor Hamilton and Jose Antonio, PH.D.
This book explains all the mistakes Suzy (who is a middle distance runner) has made in her career with her training and nutrition and everything she did to correct her eating and running habits and make her a better, stronger runner. This book hit on everything I am doing wrong right now. She explains that not eating enough and not eating the right foods can really making it harder to train and run on a day to day basis.
I am halfway through the book right now, and I love it. It has really opened my eyes to why I have hit my running wall. I really recommend it.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I got a new J-O-B!!!
I am so excited and these are the reasons why:
1) I have my masters degree and have never been able to use it. I thought I had wasted to many years and money on this degree...but turns out my masters degree wont be a waste...!!!!
2) I have applied for this job 3 times in 3 different states...Patience is a virtue I guess.
3) I work for a boss who is mentally unstable. She may be borderline psychotic and its a good thing I'm leaving because I may have killed myself if I had to stay here any longer!
Seriously, I almost pooped my pants trying to figure out how to tell this woman I was leaving without her killing me. I could only give her a weeks notice due to the new job not giving me much time. I finally told her and braced myself for the freak out, but instead she was really happy for me and gave me a hug...I swear, mentally unstable people ALWAYS do the opposite of what you expect.
After telling her though, I realized she was a little too happy and that pissed me off. I would have rather she ranted and raved and groveled at my feet in order to convince me to stay...hmmm, interesting...I think I need to keep an eye on her for the next week...
Oh, well, I got the job I wanted. Now I have to go take a pee test...Fun, Fun!
P.S. The Office started again last night...That makes me happy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Shinanigans

So yesterday was my birthday. Every year I get extremely depressed and cranky on the B-day and I have no idea why. It's like this once a year sickness I have and it lasts one day and involves me getting really old. I hate it.

My poor husband tries so hard every year to get me out of the funk, and I fight him the whole way.

Last night however, I broke, and finally had a good birthday, one that I allowed myself to just sit back and enjoy, I don't know what came over me, but I have to say, it felt good to not pout on my birthday.

When I got home from work my husband gave me my presents, I got a charm bracelet from Tiffany's and my first charm, its a cupcake because I love to bake.

He also got me Bette Midler Tickets!!!!! I know this makes me seem extremely old and a bit off, but she plays at Caesar's Palace, and really she is a legend, and we might as well go see her...Besides the fact that I think she is FABULOUS!!! I mean come on, Beaches alone was one of the best movies ever, and I hate sappy, sad movies...

The Hubby then took me to The Paris Casino to a French Restaurant called Mon Ami Gabi. Its really frickin good, and all fancy and stuff...I had an awesome steak and frites and we had the Banana Fosters for dessert. We had a table that looked out over the strip at Ballagio and every 15 minutes we got to see their water show. It was quite romantical, even though I am the most un-romanitical person ever.

All in All it was a great night, and I would like to say Kudos to the Hubby for making it special (and it smart of him to get me nice a liquored up). But I also want all to know that I did not turn 28 last night, I am now counting backwards, so I am 26. Thank you very much!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ripped From the Headlines...

Oh thank GOD! Clay finally came out. I can finally rest! His denial has gotten me so worked up over the years...I'm sure Kathy Griffin is writing her material right now!
I would also like to thank People Magazine for being the first to report on the complexities of Clay Gaykens life.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cold and Miserable

I don't even know why I bother getting ready for work in the morning. You see, I take my time, shower, find something cute to wear, throw on some accessories and make sure I look good for the office (for all 4 of the people I work with). I could very well just throw on some flannel PJ's and be super comfy and warm for the day, but no, it never fails that I feel some sort of need (maybe because I'm female) to look good in all situations.

But, as you will soon find out, I waste a cute outfit everyday on my god awful work place.

So now picture this...I am sitting at my desk with a huge woolly, dark grey sweater on, I have a dark red flannel throw blanket wrapped around my legs and I am sitting on a heating pad that is turned on high...this is my miserable existence every day that I am in this dungeon of an office.

Its so cold in here, that on occasion I have not been able to type because my fingers are so frozen (although I always make exceptions for Blogging). I actually eat lunch outside in the hot Vegas sun in order to thaw out from my morning freeze. This is getting friggin ridiculous. I have complained a million times, but apparently the other offices we share our thermostat with is located in the hot Amazon jungle and in order to function they need their air down to 65 degrees. Well, THE WAR HAS STARTED!!!!

When I come in to work I march myself down the hall and turn up the air, but it never fails that they turn it down immediately after. I feel the need to one of these days round house kick someone in the head! I'm Serious!

Um, P.S. personal goal set yesterday for me...I ran 8.40 miles! Supa Star! I of course however can barely move today, but it was worth it!

Oh, and P.P.S. I turn 28 tomorrow, this makes me want to cry, I don;t like talking about it, in fact, i didn't even tell anyone at work...I can't take a cheesy cake and the singing...it makes me want to stab myself with a pencil...I always think of the movie Office Space and how ridiculous everyone looks with the cakes and the singing...UGH!

And before I forget, my favorite show is back in full force...The Big Bang Theory...The season premiere was last night, and once again, they delivered brilliantly! BRAVO!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ok, so I might punch my boss in the mouth today! Im totally annoyed and need to vent!

So, I am a runner and I am in training right now. My goal in life is to run a marathon. Granted that means that Yes, I eat pretty healthy and I have a weird eating schedule (like every two hours). This however, does not mean that I'm anorexic, or have some sort of eating disorder because I choose to bring my lunch to work instead of stuffing my face everyday at lunch with chips and salsa at the local Mexican Joint. (I have IBS as well, so if I did do this it would rip through me like the scene from Dumb and Dumber...and you know what scene I'm talking about).

So, my boss this morning thinks its a good idea to bring in fatty pastries from Starbucks. i already have made myself my protein drink and am about to enjoy my fruit, protein, oatmeal concoction (which I happen to actually find yummy). So my slightly dumb boss says to me this morning, "I know you don't eat, but on the off chance that you feel like it today, I have brought scones." I then politely said (with my smoothie in hand), "I eat." This woman then had the audacity to bluntly say, "No, YOU DON'T!" Wow, I don't know about anyone else, but if I were overweight, there is no way in gods name she would ever comment on my eating. This woman has made me so uncomfortable to eat around that I stopped going to Friday lunches with everyone cause she makes comments to me like this on a weekly basis.

I hate to say this, and I know anyone who reads this might hate me, but skinny people have eating issues as well and are offended when others make comments, or point out constantly what they are and are not eating! And, P.S., Yeah, I might be skinny, but who wants the body of a boy. Seriously, I have no boobs, I have none of that voluminous va-voom that is so desire able to others.

I happen to actually go home every night and eat pretzels and chocolate till my face falls off. I am a runner, I have a fast metabolism! I apologize to my boss who can barely have a conversation with me without pointing out the fact that since I don't go to Chili's or Applebees with everyone every day then I must have an eating disorder.

UGH! its actually so frustrating to me...Seriously, are you that ridiculous that you can't stand to see others have control on their lives, is that it? I can say no to Mexican food cause I know I will regret it later. She crabs about her weight (and she is not overweight in the slightest) and can't say no to Mexican Food Mondays, and some how that becomes my fault?!?!?!

I'd better stop before I get myself all worked up....just remember the next time you are about to tell someone that you hate them because they are thin...Remember, skinny girls are self conscious too!

Weekend Festivities

On Friday night, my husband and I decided to check out the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival. Wow, am I ever glad we went!

First of all, I had no idea what a large Greek community Las Vegas had, and I am so glad I was able to find out. Ever since my in-laws took me to a Greek restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I have been hooked. It is now my favorite cuisine and my husband and I have spent many weekends trying out all the Greek restaurants we could find. I have even learned to make a pretty mean Baklava.

Going to the Festival proved to be a really good idea. It was only $5 each to get in and although you had to pay for your food, it was not a bad price. They had live entertainment and local artisans selling their goods.

My Hubby and I started out with the Gyro tent and then got ourselves some Greek wine. They didn't have any RETSINA and we decided to pass on the Ouzo. Retsina is a really good wine if you enjoy a pine bark after taste and a very dry wine. This wine has been made for over 2000 years. Before the invention of impermeable glass bottles, oxygen caused many wines to spoil within the year. Pine resin helped keep air out, while at the same time infusing the wine with resin aroma. Ouzo is a very strong Liquor that tastes strongly of liquorice. This is a favorite of my in-laws.
Anyway, back on subject, while drinking our wine, we got a kick out of people watching. I dont know if any of you out there have ever peopled watched at a greek gathering, but it is so great. Just the combination of big personalities and big families is enough to fascinate anyone.

Desert was a puffed pastry (pretty much the same taste as Indian fry bread) soaked in honey. It was pretty out of control and I have been craving it all day.

Here is a pic of my gyro...

Saturday we were on a Festival High and decided to check out the Hot Air Balloon Festival (the Balloon-a-palooza) WHAT A BUST! First of all, when I got to a balloon festival, I want to see Balloons! I got none of that!

The festival was more of a small carnival with a circus and rides, really. I do have to say that I ate a Corn Dog...which I hated as a child but now find them irresistible...

Oh, and we got a funnel cake with hot fudge and whipped cream on top...I almost passed into a sugar coma after that one.

There was a really sad cover band. They attempted some DMB but sadly were pretty awful.

I enjoyed the funeral wagon that greeted us as we walked in...

That is always a nice welcome...

We pretty much posed for a picture, stuffed our faces and left. It was a bummer.

So, all in all, I would recommend the Greek Food Festival for next year, and make sure there are balloons around if you drive out to N. Las Vegas for a "Balloon Festival."

Have a good Monday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

This will make me happy!

Right now I am fretting over how much I hate my job. I have my Masters Degree, but yet I am just a glorified Secretary. So, looking back at pictures online, I came across my honeymoon and I found something that would make me feel so much better right now...

My Husband and I ate this while in Monte Carlo. I want to stuff my face off right now with this yummy goodness! I would gladly run 7 extra miles today if I could eat this right now!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Obsessions for this Week

Yes, I tend to have a new obsession for something about every week. Its pretty sad, but at the same time it keeps me busy...which is more than I can say for my job.

So this week I have been reading Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal , by Christopher Moore...Wickedly funny book. If you haven't heard of or read any of Christopher Moore's books, they are great...He has a dark sense of humor, and a knack for making zombies, vampires, and death seem quite funny.

I'm still obsessed with running, like I have been for about 2 years now, so sadly that has not changed in any way. I did however hurt myself about 5 months ago, and was barely able to walk up stairs...I now am excited to say, I am up to 36 miles a week...not bad, huh? I would also like to add that if it weren't for those treadmill machines with the little t.v.'s on them, i don't know how long I would have lasted. There is nothing like watching Ina Gartner and Paula Dean for an hour on Food Network to motivate more miles out of me so I can go home and eat my face off after seeing the ridiculous food they make.

I have been obsessing all week about pie season...I feel I can only make pies in the fall and winter and I have been saving up yummy recipes in order to dive right in...this week I have been scouring the Taste of Home website and have about 20 recipes right now...MOVE OVER PAULA!

A new crush has emerged onto my celeb crush list this week and that would be Dita Von Teese...She is so great...Her hair, her makeup, her costumes...all if it is so awesome...I love it... I swear, if I had any boobs at all, I would wear a corset everyday. (sadly, I am not able to actually fill one out) I've heard she has a new book coming out, that's exciting for me.

The Biggest Loser is on again. This time it's couples with family. So Bob's team consists of married couples and Jillian has the parent/kids couples. Of course, like every season, my favorite couple is voted out first...This week it was a married couple, Adam and Stacey...Boooo! I will get over it...I can't wait for the drama to unfold...Side note: two seasons ago, a sorority sister of mine was on the show. She hated me cause I dated the boy she liked...my bad...

So, I have been able to distract myself from my awful job with these fun hobbies of the week. Tomorrow night the Husband and I have the Greek Food Festival to go to (Sweeeet!) and we also might hit up the hot air balloon festival. So, all in all, good week.

Oh, good week except for my ridiculous pug waking me up 35 min before my alarm went off because he was throwing up on my bed. Seriously, you couldn't wait 35 more min to ruin my morning...awesome!

Hopefully this week will continue to be a good one and I'm sure by next week I will have some more obsessions to keep me preoccupied.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ok, quick question...Whose closest friends plan a trip with you to their old college homecoming weekend, and in the process invite your ex-boyfriend to stay in the same hotel? Yeah, apparently mine do...Um, hi guys, I don't think my HUSBAND would enjoy that too much...

Thinking about the above paragraph in my head over and over has gotten me to one conclusion...My closest friends would rather hang out with my ex-boyfriend than me! OMG! That is so utterly depressing I can't stand it.

I mean I get the fact that I'm an old married lady and they are still single and having a good drunkin time every weekend. But jeeze you guys, throw me an frickin bone here. I can still be fun, I can still hang for an all night drunk fest at my former college...Can't I? That's when I realized that No, I can't hang anymore.

I take you now back to the weekend my awesome friends came to visit my husband and I in Vegas...First off, I was actually a little hesitant to have them come visit for the mere fact that "How in gods name was I going to be able to get my grocery shopping done for the upcoming week?" Yes, sadly enough I have a set schedule for my weekends because, A) I'm a bit OCD and B) I just really have nothing else going on right now.

So my friends come in and right away they are so fired up to party their arses off that I become really nervous. It has been about a year since I really partied.

The whole weekend consisted of us going to dinner and partying at Planet Hollywood (where they stayed) all night, except I did not indulge in the all night partying the way they did. I actually started the nights anxiously planning out what time I would be going home so I could take the dogs out before bed. How sad am I. I've gotten to the point where I can't even let loose because I feel I have responsibilities that can not be neglected for even one night.

oh, and remember, my husband works grave yard shifts, so its not like I have anyone waiting impatiently for me to get home...in fact, much to my surprise, my husband issupportive of me going out with friends...so why can't I get myself to do it?

While my friends are in town, they are staying out till 5am and I am going home (pretty much sober) at 1am. Super lame, huh? While I watch them get drunk and dance and have a good time, I am planning my excuse for having to get home...So, really, its no wonder that they would rather hang out with my not afraid to have a good time ex, instead of me...I really don't bring much to the table.

I guess instead of being uber P-Oed that my friends chose to invite my ex, knowing full well that I would be too uncomfortable to join them, I should really sit back and reevaluate why my friends would rather this take this route.


I went from partying four nights a week, to planning out my weekly grocery trips. Is this what being a grown up is? Have I embraced it too fully?

Right now, sitting at my desk at my boring job (yes, I am blogging while I should be working) I am realizing that I need to get out and live...my husband and I live in Las Vegas for crying out loud. Granted we have no money, but I'm sure we could be finding something more exciting to do than dinner and a movie on the weekends. I need to make friends... I have one, I know her from high school and college, and even she only wants to hang out with me if we are going hiking cause she knows that's all I will do with her. PATHETIC!

My husband and I are awesome people...what happened...we met in New Orleans, and the first night we hung out together we drank from 4pm to 4am...straight. He proposed to me at a Mardi Gras Parade after we had been drinking since 7am. We were wild and crazy kids (Steve Martin quote)...So, again I ask, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?!?!?

Adulthood hit me too fast and too hard. I have my masters degree, but am working at a dead end job...I want desperately to go to baking school, but don't have the money...I want to have fun but don't have the motivation...I'm a sad, sad, excuse for a 27 year old right now.

That's it, I am going to turn over a new leaf, be more adventurous, take chances and get out of my rut. Well, I will start with some baby steps, how about that? Ha, actually, I love being married and just hanging with my hubby. Maybe this is actually what I want right now, and being boring isnt so bad after all.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Out of Control....

My dogs, Double O-C (out of control)!

So, I've got these two dogs...wicked cute if I do say so myself. They are like the Odd Couple. One is sloppy and a bit gross, one is neurotic and a bit of a neat freak.

Walter and Perry, those are the names of my two children. Many probably haven't seen the cartoon HOME MOVIES. It used to play on Cartoon Network. Anywho, there are these two really annoying friends on the show who are never apart from each other and their names are Walter and Perry...and yes, my husband and I did name our dogs after a cartoon. Please do not judge us.

As you see in the picture above, these two are Besties forever, although they couldn't be more different from each other.

Our black pug Walter has a few issues. First off, for the first year and a half of his life, he pretended that my husband and I didn't exist. He would have nothing to do with us unless Perry our puggle was there. His second issue, is that he will only play with his rubber chicken and plastic hangers. "Why would I give my dog a plastic hanger to chew on?" you might ask, well simple, if that keeps him busy for five minutes or more, then he can have whatever he wants. (I think that may show what a bad parent I will become some day.)

My husband works graveyard shifts, so in order to keep my dog with me on the bed at night, I give him a hanger, that way he doesn't jump off the bed in the middle of the night and do what I believe to be his third issue...and that is to poop in the house and then have himself a little feast. Yes, you heard me correctly, my dog eats poop. My dog, (although he may look cute) is probably to most disgusting creature on the face of the planet. If there were a poop eaters anonymous club I would be the first to sign him up. Its really embarrassing when I take him on walks and I am acting like a crazy lady by screaming at him to stop eating feces off the ground. I get many stares and looks from the other dogs owners. (Like their hideous animals are so superior to mine.)

I have tried to get my dogs trained. We took them to a class while living in New Orleans. My awesome pug failed that class because he stole from the other kids, and, as we were told, is a bit wall eyed so he could not see the tasty treats we shoved in from of his face to get him to sit. Needless to say, we were also unable to get him to focus for the potty training session.

When my husband and I got our dogs, Walter's breeder told us that Pugs don't bark. Well, of course come to find out, my pug does. My husband and I have to change the channel on the TV every time another dog, horse, cat or cow comes on the screen. He does however seem to be fine with most monkeys. The reaction we get from Walter is a howl/bark/growl/cry. Its our faults mostly, we did egg him on when we first discovered his new trick, it was cute when he was a baby, but now we want to ring his neck. I'm telling ya, if he didn't have the cutest face in the world, i may have left him in New Orleans to fend for himself. But alas, I love him as if he had come from my own womb (is that a weird thing to say?)

While all of this drama happens for us on a daily basis, my sweet little Perry just sits quietly loving his mom (that's me). He at all times needs to be around me and near me...he sleeps on my head at night and curls up on my lap anytime I am seated. It actually creeps my husband out (I say he is jealous). My husband has given Perry the nickname of Brian (after the Family Guy cartoon dog). We are afraid Perry might be in love with me, and at times we are convinced he may be plotting against my husband in order to be the only man in my life.

In all honesty, I love having dogs, these two in particular. My husband and I drove from New Orleans, to Missouri, to Washington, Iowa and back to New Orleans in 36 hours. It was quite ridiculous at the time, but I don't regret the trip. As insane as these two are, they are still my babies.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Old School Vegas

While visiting Las Vegas, not many ever think of the city beyond the Las Vegas strip. Not many out of towners know that if you venture north of the Vegas Strip you will find Fremont Street, a street that houses some of the older casinos in Las Vegas. The New Frontier, The Plaza, The Golden Nugget, Glitter Gultch and The Fitzgerald to name a few.

Fremont street has been built into The "Fremont Experience." They have built a ceiling overhead the casinos and in the evenings they have a light shows and live entertainment...The light show is quite the spectacle for those who are easily distracted by flashing lights.

Fremont Street is history with a pinch of Carny folk flavor thrown in the mix. I often tell my husband that one of these night I want to go down to Fremont sporting a wifebeater tank top and a beer koozie to blend in with everyone else.

The many Kiosks fascinate me. In one corner you have the t-shirt spray painting booth, and in another corner you can get your picture taken with a Chip-n-dale. I actually saw a middle age woman one day getting her picture taken with a chip-n-dale, minus her four top teeth. Im sure at one point this woman pinched the "stud-muffin's" buttocks (I just got the feeling she was into that). This is also probably not the job that poor boy had in mind when (as I imagine) he left his small town home in Nebraska to make it big in Las Vegas.

Oh, before I forget, they even have the deal where someone rides a motorcycle around in a circular cage. Such a death defying act...total sweetness.

I'd have to say one of my favorite establishments on Fremont is Mermaid's Casino. When first walking in, there had been an illusion that Mermaid's was a pretty big casino. But then to my surprise, i realized that in actuality they had just lined the place with mirrors to make it seem big. It is really a very small room jam packed with slot machines...it may even be enough to give someone with claustrophobia a heart attack. (they might want to look into that.)

Anyway, My husband and I went to Mermaid's Casino for one reason and one reason only, the Fried Oreos and Fried Twinkies! ...this classy establishment has a Nathan's hot dog stand in the heart of the casino that serves up the tastiest fried treats you could ever imagine. Let me just tell you, if you have never had fried oreos or fried twinkies, you MUST! I was a bit scared at first, but, as my husband states, "Any food can be even more delicious when fried". He was absolutely correct. A casino can not get any classier or better than that.

For all of those who live by the cliche, "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas," there are still some very nice strip clubs for you to enjoy...The Glitter Gultch being one of the most popular on Fremont.

I will have to admit to my surprise, some of the Casino's on Fremont are actually pretty nice, The Golden Nugget surprised me a great deal with the fact that it was actually really pretty on the inside, and had what seemed like an awesome pool. There is also a Jilians, movie theater and some pretty good bar/restaurants there as well.

And, according to Wikipedia, there is some interesting film and media history connected to Fremont Street:

The 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever featured a chase scene in which James Bond, running from Las Vegas police, side-rolls a car through an alley exiting onto Fremont Street.

The 1987 music video for the song I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2 was filmed on Fremont Street and featured the band members wandering around, while The Edge played an acoustic guitar.

1989 Very Bad Things featured Fremont Street in the movie.

1992's Honey, I Blew Up the Kid prominently featured Fremont Street in the movie.

In 1994, Glitter Gulch was featured prominently in the TV Miniseries The Stand.

The 1997 comedy Vegas Vacation includes a few scenes on Fremont Street.

In the 2004 movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Steve the Pirate is seen along the Plaza near the Fremont Street Experience.

In a 2005 release, Panic! at the Disco released a song about cheap motels on Fremont Street called Build God, Then We'll Talk.

The 2007 released movie Next, has Nicholas Cage's character entering the Golden Nugget from the Fremont Street Experience.

Ice Cube's music video for Chrome and Paint took place on Fremont Street, with Ice Cube in a lowrider.

In the video game, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas, Logan Keller, and his teammates Jung, and Michael infiltrate Fremont Street to find a news van, which they find by going through the maintenance tunnels under the Stocco Casino.

Heavily referenced in the Tom Waits song 'Mr. Siegal'.

Featured at the beginning of the TV Series - CSI season 7 finale episode 24.

Featured in the opening credits of the TV series Vega$.

So, the next time any of you want to get a different perspective of Las Vegas, you should really venture down to Fremont Street. It wont be as glamorous as the Strip, but it has a lot of flavor, and may give you a lot of fun stories to take home.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Buffet

According to Wikipedia: The "all you can eat" buffet has been ascribed to Herb Macdonald, a Las Vegas hotel manager who introduced the idea in 1946 . In his 1965 novel The Muses of Ruin, William Pearson wrote, of the Las Vegas buffet:

At midnight every self-respecting casino premières its $1.50 buffet—the eighth wonder of the world, the one true art form this androgynous harlot of cities has delivered herself of.... We marvel at the Great Pyramids, but they were built over decades; the midnight buffet is built daily. Crushed-ice castles and grottoes chill the shrimp and lobster. Sculptured aspic is scrolled with Paisley arabesques. They are, laid out with reverent artistry: hors d'oeuvres, relish, salads, and sauces; crab, herring oyster, sturgeon, octopus, and salmon; turkey, ham, roast beef, casseroles, fondues, and curries; cheeses, fruits and pastries. How many times you go through the line is a private matter between you and your capacity, and then between your capacity and the chef's evil eye.[2]

There is a growing tendency to misuse the word "buffet" to indicate an "all you can eat" meal, even if the food isn't already prepared and laid on a table, but rather you pay a set price and can order anything from a menu, as many times as you like.

Living in Las Vegas, it is expected of one to frequent a Buffet quit often. With so many casinos throughout the city, it would be hard to avoid.

It's a good thing I brought with me a love for a good buffet when I moved here. In the short amount of time I have been here, I have experienced the Rio Casino Carnival World Buffet, The Palms Bistro Buffet, Ceasar's Cafe Lago Buffet and Planet Hollywood's Spice Market Buffet.

As the quote above states, there is a growing misuse of the word buffet to indicate an "all you can eat" meal. Well, unfortunately I am one of those people who misuses the word. I have no self control when stepping into a Buffet. Maybe its because there are so many different foods to choose from, or maybe its the fact that these meals are over $20 each and I am determined to get my monies worth.

I do things a bit differently though...I'm not a seafood eater, so I skip that section and the Asian, Italian and Mexican sections don't do it for me. If there is a Mediterranean section, I'm all about that and will eat most of it. I also enjoy sections that have soups, salads, and cheese. But I wont waste too much of my time on those things. What I am really there for is the DESSERT!!! I will take one of each dessert and I am not scared of those around me staring wide eyed at my overloaded plate. I've been so entranced with the desert section that many times I don't notice the sour faces of those behind me waiting for their sane dessert portion. I on the other hand like to test all sweets that they have to offer. My husband gets a bit embarrassed at times. But, at least I feel like I'm getting my 20 bucks worth.

Now, a buffet for me comes with one big consequence, and that is the feeling of death after every endeavor. I know when I get home I will be sick for hours and unable to move from the couch. I know that I will be running extra miles the next day to burn the 4000 calories I had consumed. This however never deters me. I just imagine all of the lovey cakes and cookies that are awaiting me, and I get excited. Its a sickness of some sort, I'm sure.

I guess I just wouldn't be a true Las Vegas resident if I didn't participate in all that Las Vegas has to offer. I feel I need to be taking advantage of all there is to offer and this includes frequenting the awesome buffets. Im very much looking forward to all the Las Vegas adventures that lay ahead for me and I will be more than willing to partake in everything I can.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family VaCa...

In the Beging of August, I met my family in Coronado Island, California for a little R&R. It was a good time. We were able to stay in a great home that actually was big enough for 13 people. Thats always a plus.

Growing up my family frequented San Diego often. For about 5 or 6 years Mission Beach in San Diego was our little get away city (along with most Arizona Residents). I loved going there, staying on the beach allowed us all day access to sun, sand and the beautiful ocean. I loved body surfing and falling asleep in the warm sand. There was nothing better. In the evenings my family would Bar-be-que, or order pizza from the local joint around the corner from us. We would go to Bellmont Park and ride the roller coaster or shop in the surf shops. What a great vacation town.

My family stopped going to San Diego and decided to venture out further to Rocky Point. That was fun, but never the same as San Diego.

This year we stayed on Coronado Island. It was less crowded and we got to spend a lot of time on the beach (which is all that matters). I spent every morning running from our rented home to the beach and every afternoon relaxing in the sun and reading the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers. It could have only gotten better if my husband had been able to get off work and tag along.

One of the days there my sisters, nieces, nephew and my mom and I all went to Los Angeles to visti the American Girl Store. I went to spend time with the kids, and because I had never been to Los Angeles. WHAT A DRIVE!!!! wow, I will never complain about traffic in Las Vegas ever again. Los Angeles freeways are OOC (out of control)!
Anywho, the American Girl store is quit the place. I'm telling you, if they had stores like this when I was growing up, I think I would still be playing with dolls to this day. This store was rediculous...two stories of dolls and accessories for them. I got my niece some accessories for her Birthday. She insisted on the doctor set containing crutches, casts and bandages. I would have also gotten her the wheelchair, but it was all getting a bit pricey.
We met up with my brother-in-laws sister and her hubby. They are such great people. Very groovy and artsy. They are both successful writers living in Los Angeles with their two puppies. What a life. Alysia hung out with us and her husband took my nephew and brother in law to the boardwalk. They had fun exploring and eating at the world first hot dog stand. I was a bit jealous about that...
At the American Girl store they actually have a restaurant. We made reservation and ate there. It was all very cute. Little high chairs were set up for the girls who brought their dolls with them, and the food was fun and kid friendly. (Seriously, I want to be a small child again!)

On one of the last nights on our vacation my family and I went to a great pizza place that overlooked the bay. This is the night we met the owner of the Phoenix Suns...(I am a diehard fan) and the night my brother-in-law bought an awesome Dr. Suess painting. It was a pretty good evening.

I am glad I was able to go on this vacation with my family. Its hard for me being the only one who live away from Arizona. I miss seeing my nieces and nephews. Hopefully when they are older they will come visit me in Vegas...Im sure my sisters are really looking forward to that day (probably not).

Catching Up!

Well, its official. It doesn't look like my husband and I will be leaving Las Vegas anytime soon. I say this for the mere fact that in the few years we have been together, we have lived in New Orleans, Florida, Colorado, and now Las Vegas. So, when moving here I didn't think it would last too long. To my surprise however, it seems that we may have found our nitch (for now).

My husband landed a job with the Monte Carlo (it's run by MGM), so for me, this means a lot of free and discounted entertainment. Who wouldn't be excited about that.

My first experience with living here involved an Irish Pub, all you can drink for 10 dollars and Steve-O at the Rio Casino.

That was quit the night, I've always seen Steve-O crazy and out of control on t.v., but to see it up close, that's a whole other story.

I think my favorite times so far have been the shows we have been able to see. Sitting up close for KA, Mystique, Mama Mia, and my personal favorite VAN HALEN!

I'm telling you, David Lee Roth has the greatest high kicks Ive ever seen, and the body of a 21 year old boy. It's really out of control. I was also excited about the fact that sitting right behind us during the concert was Scott Ian from the band ANTHRAX. I was also exited that my husband and I had better tickets than him.

Going to see Kathy Griffin was also a blast. That is one funny woman and we did not stop laughing the whole time. I love watching her on t.v., but when she is not censored, she is even better. I was however disappointed that I didn't get to see any of her wonderful assistants. I was hoping to see them before or after the show. I'm sure though they only make appearances when they are filming Life of the D List.

So far my experience here in Vegas has been a good one. I'm looking forward to exploring a bit more and experiencing all that it has to offer. Hopefully we can sit still in one state for longer than a year. I don't think that I could do all there is to do here in a short amount of time.