Saturday, October 18, 2008

Personal Goal

I finally did it...this week I ran 40 miles. I have been having issues with hitting the wall for awhile and i finally broke through, so I'm super excited about that!
I have been irritated though. At work we sit at these tables with about 6 people for 8 hours a day, just sitting and listening to various people give lectures (yeah, wicked boring). Anyway, all the girls at my table think its a good idea to bring in like 5 different bags of chips, trail mix, and other crap everyday. Its really frustrating. I just got done reading a book on the importance of good nutrition for runners and here I am eating my face off everyday. I try and bring protein bars and whey powder drinks and fruits to work, but once I see the cheddar popcorn, or the m&m trail mix I just cant help myself. It makes me want to scream! Apparently though, it didn't ruin any of my running this week since I hit my 40 mile goal...Interesting!
I have to go to the "Lady Doctor" today. Not looking forward to it...especially since its the weekend...But, I will spare everyone and not go into details.
So Halloween is coming up. I was excited for about 5 minutes cause Nevada Day falls on the same day and apparently everything closes down for the day here...but, then of course we found out that my husband has to work. Its too bad, this is his favorite holiday. So that's sad for him. I might just humor myself and dress the dogs up, that should keep me entertained.
Anyway, off the run errands and do some doctors stuff...Good Times...Happy Saturday...
P.S. No return from Cat Woman at work, but we did have an interesting speaker who talked about 7 miles a minute and almost gave me an anxiety attack with her fast hand jesters and even more fast moving mouth. Jeeze!


Frayed Laces said...

Oh gosh I hear ya on this one. Look, just keep a massive bag of baby carrots on hand and CHEW GUM. If you're chewing gum you can't snack, right?

I also have a "treat" in mind for days when people bring bad stuff to the office. I tell myself that if I can forgo temptation with that stuff then I can enjoy my "treat" later. Knowing I have something waiting at home makes it easier for me to say no at work.

eda said...