Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Computer Issues!

Oh thank god! My Internet has been down for 3 days and i have felt such anxiety over it. I felt so disconnected from the world. Everyday wondering what was going on in the word, especially the blog world. It has been ridiculous.

Today for work I had to drive to a different site for training. I didn't have access to google last night so I tried a map...Wow! I am sooooo dependant on the Internet! I thought I had figured out how to get to this site by looking at the map (so old school, right?). I was certainly wrong. I got so lost and was late. You also know what goes along with starting a day like that, the rest of your day just seems so off.

My morning made me think. How lame am I that I can no longer properly read a map. I need google map to give me the precise directions, right down to the miles in between each turn. I think there was a time in my life when I could read a map, but I actually cant remember. I think being one of the first generations to do everything on the computer may have had some downfalls. One of those downfalls is that I cant spell to save my life...I don't have to, I just use spell check. I certainly never really had to go to the library when I was in college and grad school, all I had to do was connect to the school library online and download all the info I needed. And of course obviously I cant read a simple map.

So, not having the Internet for 3 days really made me think about the way I live my life. Don't get me wrong though, I am certainly glad I have it back, and will go back to my obsessing over reading my favorite blogs and constantly checking my email. Its just the way things are now, and I'm just really going to have to make sure that I have my Internet before I have to go anywhere next time. Ho hum...


Frayed Laces said...

Please...don't challenge us to an internet blackout. I think I may just crawl up and die on the spot

Maki said...

Aww is that why you're MIA???

I didn't blog for three days and trust me as much as I missed it, I kinda loved it too! I realize there are more to do than just blogging. I love doing blogging, but I also love reading and watching tv which I tend to forget when I'm on computer doing this!

Welcome back!!! :D


...know how you feel, glad it's back on...welcome back to the civilization dear...haha! ;)